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16 Dapper Brides Who Said No To A Dress

Bring on all the trousers, vests, and classy bow ties.

1. This bride who knew "vest" is absolutely best:

2. This bride who nailed color coordination right down to the shoes:

3. Both of these brides decided that city hall was the perfect place to suit up:

4. Black, white and perfect all over — with coordinating flowers:

5. This dapper all-white number:

6. And this bride who showed up her groomsmen with ease:

7. All hail this stunning classic duo:

8. While gray and purple set the tone for this touching moment:

9. These lovebirds were too busy jumping for joy to be concerned with how dashing they look:

10. These two decided to add just a tiny touch of yellow:

11. And this stunning bride put a wild spin on an old classic:

12. This pair could barely keep their eyes off each other, and rightfully so:

13. This bride knew suspenders were the perfect detail:

14. For all the natural beauty in the backdrop of this lovely couple...

...a pair of elbow patches will always steal the show:

15. This bride knew a pop of color was all this special day needed:

16. But, above all, these brides know that it isn't about what you're wearing...

...it's about who you're standing with.