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14 Harsh Lessons All Lesbians Learn In The Dating World

It's tough out here for a chick.

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1. Dating is all about making a connection — seriously, it's about who you know.

2. On the bright side, your networking skills will never be stronger.

3. You will quickly realize how small the dating pool is. A single, cute, and out girl is as beautiful as a rare unicorn.

4. The workplace, while a tempting place to scope out a potential date, is not the place to do so.

Please, control yourself.

5. PDA will always seem gross and utterly beneath you...

6. ...until you're are the one doing it.

Then it's brave and classy as fuck!

7. There is such a thing as being too honest with your feelings.

8. When it comes to flirting, sometimes even your best game won't be enough.

You'll find it's when you're not trying at all things just... fall into place.

9. Falling in love for the first time is the most beautiful and painful thing that will happen to you.

10. But NOBODY will leave you as emotionally wrecked as that first straight girl you fall for.

AKA "She Who Must Not Be Named." Ever. Seriously.

This will be a dark time.

11. You will have setbacks, but you shouldn't let them keep you out of the game.

12. Breakups are like unique snowflakes, never to be repeated twice...

...and may involve cat custody battles.

13. At times it will seem the odds are stacked against you and you'll want to throw in the towel.

14. It is during those times you will learn to appreciate being single, because loving yourself is what's really important.

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