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    13 Androgynous Tumblers You Need To Know About

    All the outfit ideas, ya'll.


    1. Qwear

    Sonny Oram founded Qwear, a Boston-based style blog, in June 2011 to "create an online home for queer and gender non-comforming fashionistas." Their Tumblr account is filled with insightful articles, advice, and of course – an abundance of stunning images.

    2. Androgynous Fashion Design

    The VEEA label runs sweepstakes and contests, so you can get inspired and maybe win some free clothing at the same time. You can also get great tips on how to take measurements and get the best fit in different pieces of clothing.

    3. Switch Teams

    A delightful mix of the author's own outfit choices and tons of photo inspiration. Plus, if you've ever been considering dying your hair bright blue, this is proof it totally works.

    4. Wild Fang

    "Where tomboys call home. We're female Robinhoods, liberating menswear one bow tie at a time and curating the raddest tomboy," states the clothing brand's Tumblr. It bills itself as clothing for tomboys, appropriating menswear-inspired pieces. Bonus? Casey Legler and Kate Moenning have both modeled for the line.

    5. Brklyn Breed

    Tae, a Brooklyn native who "dabbles in all sorts of arts", also happens to have her own business selling some kick ass bow ties, bracelets, and other accessories. On her Tumblr she models her own pieces and provides insightful advice for anyone brave enough to ask.

    6. I Dream Of Dapper

    Ashleigh Bingham is a grad student, but in her spare time she is here for all your queer fashion needs. "Growing up in a conservative family, I didn’t think it was possible to do what I do today. I wasn’t even sure people like me could exist and be successful," she writes. She recently shared 50 different androgynous styles in her "50 Days Of Dapper" challenge.

    7. Queering Style

    Need another source for a great mix of personal outfit submissions and advice? Meet Alexa! "Just a queer with big hair. My journey into finding my own style, through the interest in fashion and style, with a thing for dapper."

    8. Marimacho

    Marimacho is a Brooklyn-based clothing brand that's the creation of a couple who saw a need for masculine clothes that would fit diverse bodies – who would have thought, right? The page features their own line, but also draws on other great brands and some celeb-inspiration.

    9. TOMBOY

    "Tomboy BKLYN" is one-half online zine and half "curated perspective" with an inclusive take on unisex style. The page mixies street fashion with high-end women's and men's designer clothing. Beautiful people, beautiful clothing – get get inspired.

    10. But, I'm A Tomboy

    Sunny is currently studying Cinema & Photography in New York. "My primary style interests are tomboy chic, menswear, and androgynous wear." She is more than glad to discuss personal advice, both in and out of the realms of fashion.

    11. DapperQ

    The perfect blend of "How-To" and DIY fashion tips – it's hard not to get lost in here for hours. In the voice of dapperQ’s "Transgressor-in-Chief" Susan Herr: "For dapperQ’s, fashion is not seen as an end. It is, instead, a means to expressing our ever-evolving capacity to advance change in a world that sorely needs it. DapperQ is intended not only to inform but to inspire those of us simply dressing to fight the good fight each day." Check out their main site as well.

    12. The Unfeminine Female

    A blog filled with mostly user-submitted photos, but that makes for a diverse and never-ending feed of fashion inspiration. Everyone could always use a bit more of that.

    13. The Curvy Lesbian

    "My name is Blake and I like clothes more than I like most people," says the author of The Curvy Lesbian. Her Tumblr has plenty of eye-candy and preppy thread ideas - but the best part is Blake's personal outfit posts and useful advice.