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    Posted on Jun 14, 2013

    10 Reasons Michelle Chamuel Is The Most Adorkable Singer Ever

    The Voice finalist has been called "medicine for the world". She is dropping it low for all the nerds out there.

    Singer Michelle Chamuel is the most adorable thing that's ever hit The Voice. Ever.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    She tried out for the show once before, and failed to advance. But this Monday she will compete for top prize in the season finale.

    Usher said she was, "Medicine for the world."

    Twitter: @MichelleChamuel

    (And then took a super adorable photo with her mom).

    So, let's take some medicine:

    1. She cares about the little people:

    2. She doesn't let herself get a big head:


    *Yes, you.

    3. One time she challenged Usher to a push-up contest:

    Twitter: @MichelleChamuel

    She lost, but won our hearts.

    4. Her singing face is incredible:

    NBC / Via
    NBC / Via
    Trae Patton/NBC

    5. Don't get us started on the glasses:


    6. She is clearly a trendsetter:

    7. She has the most adorable "rocking-out-on-my-piano" dance:

    8. She made "Usher and Michelle" sock puppets... need we say more?

    This is all too much.

    9. She overcame personal insecurity:

    In an interview Michelle confessed, "I'm not formally trained and I had serious performance stage fright. I kept my singing to the confines of my shower and car, while doing the dishes, and in my basement, but I would burst out crying if anyone asked me to sing."

    10. And of course, besides having the voice of an angel, she is always perfectly adorable:

    She is adorable while trying to rip off her pleather shirt:

    She is adorable while dropping it low:

    Tyler Golden/NBC
    Tyler Golden/NBC
    Tyler Golden/NBC

    Chamuel says of her signature move, "It's on the high notes, it's actually for breath support."

    She is adorable throwing off stereotypes and rejecting labels like a BAMF:

    She is adorable eating veggies:


    She is adorable whilst posing with nature:

    She even looks adorable even when you can't see her face:

    Conclusion: Michelle is medicine for the world.