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9 Facts That Will Make All High Schoolers Say "Yep"

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1. High school is all about figuring out who you are, what you like, and what makes you "you."

2. You spend most of your time exploring the world around you and learning how to deal with the stresses of life...

3. ...and the rest of your time is spent dealing with school-induced anxiety attacks.

4. There is NOTHING better than finding out your BFF is in the same boring class as you...

5. ...because even though school sucks, your friends are awesome. Especially that one friend who's just SO EXTRA.

6. So whether you're experiencing the joys of young love...

7. ...or navigating the complex world of high school social politics...

8. ...take the time to find your place in this big, beautiful world we all share.

9. And don't worry! As long as you're surrounded by good friends, you'll make it through this wonderful, magical, sometimes-ridiculous-but-also-super-duper-important time of your life called "high school."

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