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    Librarians And Book Lovers Recreate Their Favorite Book Covers - The Results Are Predictably Hilarious

    A sassy pug, a carton of eggs, two Swiffers, and a fire hydrant - these are just a few of the props bibliophiles are using to recreate book covers in the North Manchester Public Library's #NMPLundercover challenge!

    Submissions are popping up on Facebook and Instagram. The hashtag #NMPLundercover made its way to the San Carlos Fire Department and they decided to re-create their favorite fire safety book with a few items they just happened to have handy.

    Librarians and readers pulled favorites off their bookshelves and went to work. Book covers ranged from adult bestsellers

    To teen romances

    To children's classics

    Family pets helped out

    Refrigerators and snack stashes were raided

    And makeup drawers were ransacked

    Inspiration struck in the mop closet,

    the recycling bin,

    and the toy box.

    Some of the recreations are virtually indistinguishable from the originals!

    What Stephen King wrote is true: "Books are a uniquely portable magic."