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10 Secrets Hidden In Beatles Songs you want to know a secret? We’re sharing some secrets that will change the way you hear the Fab Four’s hit songs. It’s like listening to the Beatles with a new set of ears.

1. In "Please Please Me" at 1:32, you can hear John laughing while singing "come on."

2. At the very end of "I'm So Tired," it may sound like a recording of someone talking played backward, but it's really just John speaking gibberish.

3. At the very beginning of "For You Blue," John tells the listener, "Queen says 'no' to pot-smoking FBI members."

4. In "I'm Only Sleeping," at 1:57 you can hear one of the boys saying, "Yawn, Paul." And at the 2:01 mark, you can hear him yawning.

5. At the end of "Lovely Rita," fans think you can hear Ringo shout "You’d better believe it" or "They’ll never believe it."

6. Underneath George's count-in at the beginning of "Taxman," you can hear Paul giving the real count-in to start the song.

7. At the very beginning of "Dig A Pony," you can hear Ringo shouting, "Hold it!"

8. From 0:59–1:07 in "Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey," there are sounds of members of the band whooping and yelling.

9. At the very end of "All You Need Is Love," John starts singing lines from an earlier Beatles song, "She Loves You."

10. Paul McCartney has said that the backward recordings on "Free as a Bird" were added "to give all those Beatles nuts something to do."

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