These Condoms Are Encouraging People To Pull Out Of The EU

    "It's riskier to stay in" is the warning on one packet.

    Campaigners are hoping they can convince students to vote to leave the EU by dishing out condoms branded with anti-EU messaging.

    The cross-party anti-EU campaign Vote Leave has made "a couple of thousand specially designed condoms", according to an email sent to students across the UK.

    The email, seen by BuzzFeed News, was sent to Vote Leave's subsidiary group Students for Britain and says the decision to go ahead and make more branded condoms comes after a trial run that was "very well received".

    "They are a great and fun way to get people talking/interested," Students for Britain's chairman Tom Harwood wrote in the email.

    However the messaging may come across as a little confused to some. One condom is simply branded with the words "the safer choice" while the other states that "it's riskier to stay in".

    Vote Leave is one of a number of campaigns vying to be named the official Out campaign in the upcoming referendum. This would give it a large budget of up to £7 million to spend during the official campaign.