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UKIP Really Wants The Media To Talk About Disgraced Politicians In Other Parties

The party is annoyed that everyone has a go at the activities of UKIP candidates and not those of other parties.

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UKIP is hitting back at the media for highlighting inappropriate comments by its candidates and allegedly ignoring those from other parties.

So the BBC admits it doesn't think that other parties have bad eggs in their ranks. Clear and evident bias #r4today

In an interview with Radio 4's Today programme, Farage, forced to defend his party's candidates, said UKIP came under excessive scrutiny and that other parties didn't face the same level of analysis.

UKIP's parliamentary candidate in Oxford West, Alan Harris, was criticised yesterday for allegedly complaining in Facebook posts that “fucking muslims” don't want bacon sandwiches.

So the party has been tweeting about allegedly disgraced politicians from other parties all day.

It was not a Ukip candidate that tried to cut a deal with the EDL. It was a Conservative A lister candidate

Such as this Conservative party councillor standing trial for allegedly assaulting a woman.

Conservative Councillor to stand trial for assault @MishalHusainBBC #r4today

And this man who was going to be named a Tory councillor before it was announced that he had failed to reveal his criminal history.

Would be Enfield Tory councillor pleads guilty to making false declaration on election papers @MishalHusainBBC

And the party made sure to include the Twitter handle of Radio 4 presenter Mishal Husain, who interviewed Farage, to make sure she saw the tweets.

Tory councillor could be deselected over sexist, racist and pornographic email allegations @MishalHusainBBC #r4today

The list of tweets highlighting problems in other parties went on.

Fmr council leader and Labour candidate Marie Rimmer due in court to face assault charge @MishalHusainBBC #r4today

And on.

Tory Cllr Mark Winn says food banks are only used by 'those with drug, alcohol and mental health problems' #r4today

And on.

Newham Labour Mayor sees red at woman campaigning for homeless single mothers @MishalHusainBBC #r4today

And on.

Labour Cllr cautioned for assault on girlfriend in Romford #r4today

And on.

Brent Labour councillor Zaffar Van Kawala found guilty of dangerous driving and ABH @MishalHusainBBC #r4today

Conservatives select former BNP activist for safe seat @MishalHusainBBC #r4today

The party really believes the media is biased.

Ex-Peterborough Labour Party agent jailed for sex crimes @MishalHusainBBC #r4today

And that it ignores problems in other parties.

Ex-Labour Cllr who stole almost £100k from Christian charity he was working for jailed for 12 months #r4today

And so the party linked to news reports to make the point that news outlets refuse to talk about other party officials doing anything wrong.

Ex-Tory branch chairman Angus Burgoyne of Folkestone and Hythe Conservative Association guilty of child sex attacks

But there's one thing for certain: There are a lot of dodgy politicians out there.

CPS charges Conservative Guildford councillor for pretending to be a barrister @MishalHusainBBC #r4today

Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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