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Every Important Moment From Ed Miliband's Interview With Russell Brand

Watch the meeting of minds between the Labour party leader and the comedian.

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Ed MIliband's interview with Russell Brand has just been released in full:

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Miliband said he agreed to take part in the interview with the political campaigner in an attempt to make the campaign more interesting.

Miliband said he agreed to take part in the interview with Brand in an attempt to make the campaign more interesting – and to reach the million people who subscribe to Brand's YouTube channel for The Trews, where the actor talks about politics and claims to give his viewers the "true news".

It is as much about Russell Brand as about Ed Miliband.

Armed with a stopwatch, BuzzFeed News calculated that Brand spent 8 minutes and 16 seconds talking during the 16 minute video.

Although at some points they are just talking over each other.

The video starts off with Brand explaining that people don't vote because they think there are unelected people dictating what politicians do from behind the scenes.

Brand has repeatedly been criticised for saying he doesn't vote and encouraging others to do the same.

When Miliband's appearance became public, some even criticised the Labour leader for agreeing to take part, with some suggesting it could lose him voters.


Miliband appears to have put on a cockney accent at various points of the interview, such as when he refers to the NHS as the "national 'ealth service."


But there were some odd and humorous parts of the video. Like the fact it was filmed in a kitchen.

Everyone vote for Ed because he has a tap growing out of his head. #GE2015 #Trews

Throughout all of that all I could focus on was how ostentatious Brand's kitchen tap is

Some noticed that Miliband's gesture game was pretty strong.

When you remember bustin up a sideman

Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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