This British Politician Freaked Out After Finding Out About Google Maps

    We're praying she doesn't discover Street View.

    This is Lady O'Cathain (on the left) and she sits on a number of committees in the House of Lords that discuss technology law. Except she just found out about Google Maps – and she's not happy.

    Recently she was chairing a meeting about the privacy implications of personal drones, as they can take photos from above individuals without them knowing, and she brought up how she discovered something on the internet.

    She said:

    "I was horrified the other day when I was giving a certain website to look at. I could see the roses in my garden. It was on a Google map or something, and I have no idea how it was taken.

    It was taken from up there. Obviously it was not a large aircraft, but this is happening. it did not fill me with a sense of security."

    Her comments sparked a minor Twitter storm with many users slightly concerned that someone discussing policy about technology had only just found out about Google Maps and had no idea that Google had been using satellite images.

    @mattburgess1 @joshuafoust no-one tell her about GPS.

    @mattburgess1 @maelorin Good thing she’s not involved in creating laws that touch on public policy or technology. Oh wait …

    @mattburgess1 @paulmwatson Politicians worry me...

    But it's alright. It's not as though Google drives a car around the country to take close-up pictures of streets and houses. Oh.

    H/t Matt Burgess, who first spotted her statement.