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The Conservatives Have Launched A Website To Tell Voters How The Coalition Has Improved Their Area

Put in your postcode and email address and get info about how the Tories have been great in government. And you're probably also signing up for email from the party.

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The information tells you about increases in the number of jobs and businesses in the area since the coalition came to power.


Although in the case of apprenticeships, you just get told how many have been created since 2010.


And you instantly find out how much you're saving due to cuts in income tax, savings in petrol, and the ways in which the coalition is – it claims – making it easier to buy a first home.

You're also given some spin by the party as to why it's better than Labour.

Although it's not clear, collecting data is one of the key aims of the website.

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That's why there's a long paragraph about your data when you sign in. If you log in via Facebook, you automatically hand over your email address and postcode, but many users will do so without realising this is the case.

Once the party has a user's email address, it can – and most probably will – add users to its mailing list.

And it's unlikely the Conservatives will use the postcode just for the website; users are likely to start receiving targeted emails, perhaps from the candidate in their constituency or about issues that polling show to be the most important in the area.

Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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