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6 Ways Labour's Film About Ed Miliband Is Exactly Like Its Film About Neil Kinnock

Labour's latest party broadcast looks rather familiar.

Labour has released its latest election broadcast, which seeks to portray Ed Miliband as a man fit to be prime minister.

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The broadcast, called "Ed Miliband: A Portrait", was directed by Paul Greengrass, a longstanding Labour supporter whose films include Captain Phillips, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum.

The early reaction was broadly positive.

Actually thought Labour's first election broadcast was pretty good as well. Gutsy to put him front & centre like this

Credit where credit is due, I was quite impressed by Labour's latest party election broadcast - well put together.

Political issues aside, that Labour Party broadcast was BRILLIANT. Truly excellent. Whoever made that needs a raise (just like the country)

But we couldn't help noticing that parts of the video look very similar to another Labour effort, back in 1987.

1. Here's Ed in "Ed Miliband: A Portrait", writing something.

And here's the party political broadcast that became known as "Kinnock: The Movie".

2. Here's Miliband, rocking the blue jumper look that appears to have taken the political world by storm.

And here's Kinnock, rocking that same look years earlier.

3. The new film featured Miliband talking about his parents, accompanied by a shot of the young Ed.

It turns out that Kinnock spoke about his parents too.

4. Greengrass makes an effort to show that Ed knows his way around a hospital.

Just as Hugh Hudson, director of Chariots of Fire, did with Kinnock.

5. Here's Miliband showing off how passionate and determined he is.

Just like Kinnock!

6. Finally, Greengrass cuts to Miliband standing next to his wife, Justine.

And Hudson's ends with Kinnock walking alongside his wife, Glenys.

Kinnock's son Stephen is standing at this election as a candidate for a safe Labour seat in Wales. Maybe he showed Ed his home movies?