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    David Cameron Says The Queen "Purred Down The Line" To Him After Scotland Voted No

    Cameron's remarks were overheard as he spoke to former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    David Cameron has just been caught by Sky News saying the Queen "purred down the line" when he spoke to her about the results of the Scottish referendum. (Click the button in the bottom right to hear audio.)

    Sky News / Via

    The prime minister was caught on camera talking to former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    He said: "The definition of relief is being the prime minister of the United Kingdom and ringing up the Queen and saying, 'It's alright, it's OK.' That was something. She purred down the line."

    After saying something that wasn't clear, he added: "But it should never have been that close."

    The prime minister is currently in New York for a UN conference on climate change. As he continued to walk with Bloomberg, he said: "I've said I wan't to find these polling companies and I want to sue them for my stomach ulcers because of what they put me through.

    "It was very nervous moments."

    H/T: Sky News