Sayeeda Warsi’s Resignation Is Really Big News In Pakistan

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi resigned from her post in the UK government today over its position on Gaza. But it turns out there’s more interest in the story from elsewhere.

1. Baroness Sayeeda Warsi resigned on Tuesday from her position in the Foreign Office, calling the UK government’s stance on Gaza “morally indefensible”.

UK in Pakistan / Via Flickr: ukinpakistan

2. Her resignation sparked a huge amount of interest from Pakistanis.

6. Many commenters praised her beneath articles written in Pakistani press.

Pakistan Today / Via pakistantoday.com.pk

8. And others suggested that she could stand for a parliamentary seat in the country.

Baroness Warsi can now stand for a parliament seat in Pakistan -- and easily win

— omar r quraishi (@omar_quraishi)

Baroness Warsi for Prime Minister of Pakistan! #AchaSorry

— IA (@Punjkora)

10. Basically, she’s kind of a big deal in Pakistan. This was the audience of 2,000 who attended a rally when she visited her hometown of Bewal in 2010.

UK in Pakistan / Via Flickr: ukinpakistan

11. By 2012 she had already visited the country six times as a minister, and visited as Pakistanis were getting ready to vote in the elections.

UK in Pakistan / Via Facebook: uk-in-pakistan

12. She also accompanied David Cameron and then shadow foreign-secretary William Hague on a visit to Pakistan in 2008, days before the country’s elections.

Johnny Green/PA Wire

13. But for now Warsi’s keeping any decisions about future plans a well-guarded secret.

Steve Parsons/PA Wire

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