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Russell Brand Says Having A Minute Of Silence For Tunisia Is "Bullsh*t"

In his latest Trews video, Brand said the government was "perpetuating" terrorism by selling arms to countries who were involved in human rights abuses against their citizens.

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Russell Brand has dubbed a planned national minute of silence to be held for the British tourists killed in a terrorist attack in Tunisia as “a minute of bullshit”.

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A minute's silence is due to be held on Friday after 30 Britons were killed when a gunmen opened fire on a beach resort outside two hotels. Eight others were also killed in the shooting last week.

But in his latest Trews video, Brand described the move as an "empty gesture", and suggested the government was being hypocritical by continuing to sell arms to countries where human rights abuses take place against their citizens.

"If you want to attack these problems at their source," said Brand, "stop bombing those foreign countries, stop selling arms to countries on your own human rights abuse list. If you want to change this situation you have to stop perpetuating this problem.

"There's no point in having a minute's silence on Friday – it's a minute of bullshit."

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