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Doctors Are Sharing This Petition To Make Parliament Debate Jeremy Hunt's Future

They're making it clear they really don't like the health secretary.

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Last week health secretary Jeremy Hunt launched a stinging attack on doctors and demanded that they work on weekends.

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Hunt said 6,000 people die every year because there was a "Monday to Friday" culture within the NHS.

He cited the figure from research that has not yet been published.

NHS staff weren't too impressed with Hunt's remarks. First, huge numbers of doctors working during the weekend used the #ImInWorkJeremy hashtag to tell the health secretary that they were in fact working.

Day 5 of 7 which is odd given that we don't work weekends.. #ImInWorkJeremy @Jeremy_Hunt #fb

Hi @Jeremy_Hunt - I finally have a free moment 9h into my shift if you'd like to chat about vocation and professionalism #ImInWorkJeremy

And now this petition, on the government's website, for parliament to debate a vote of no confidence in Hunt is being widely shared by doctors.

The petition has already been shared more than 6,000 times on Facebook and Twitter. Another petition calling for the resignation or removal of Hunt as health secretary on has attracted over 80,000 online signatures

Parliamentary petition to get rid of the Hunt. You know what to do.

Although the petition was launched in January, it has regained attention as many NHS staff focus their attention on Hunt.

#iminworkjeremy we broke 2000 This is important. My consultant and GP friends are signing this. So have I. #ImInWorkJeremy #HuntResign @butNHS

Petitions filed on the website that receive more than 10,000 signatures have to get a response from the government. More than 10,000 signed the petition in the last hour alone.

While the government has remained fairly quiet on the backlash against Hunt, NHS staff are remaining hopeful they might finally get a response.

At 10,000 signatures the government has to respond and can't ignore this anymore #ImInWorkJeremy

If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, a committee will decide whether or not the motion will be debated in parliament.

@meaglemp I am a GP in your constituency & have signed this petition #SaveOurNHS

Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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