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    People Are Absolutely Baffled At This Selfie Of Sergio Aguero And David Cameron

    Let's talk about the prime minister's face for a moment.

    On Friday, Chinese president Xi Jinping spent the final day of his four-day visit in Manchester and spent some time at the City of Manchester Stadium. So Man City striker Sergio Aguero took a selfie with Xi and the PM.

    .@aguerosergiokun: "Thank you for the selfie, President Xi" 感谢能与您自拍,习主席!#CFAStateVisit

    People are pretty confused.

    Others are just extremely disappointed.

    Before long, people started commenting on what the odd picture might represent.

    New Top Gear line-up rather unexpected.

    Such as the new "Hangover" movie.

    It was suggested that David Cameron's eagerness to get into that photo might suggest that he's backing Manchester City.

    A red and two blues in Derby week...

    Speaking of Cameron's face...

    when your friend leans in too much for a selfie

    There's also a very simple answer for those of you wondering why Xi looks so unimpressed. He supports the other team in Manchester.

    The Chinese president is a big fan of @ManUtd – so David Cameron took him to meet @AgueroSergioKun. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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