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No One Can Agree Who Won The Leaders' Debates

Most polls put David Cameron and Ed Miliband neck and neck, although some had Nicola Sturgeon pulling ahead.

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Pollsters YouGov were the first to release their results and said that Nicola Sturgeon came out on top.

Debate Result: Sturgeon wins Cameron: 18% Miliband: 15% Clegg: 10% Farage: 20% Bennett: 5% Sturgeon: 28% Wood: 4% 1117 GB adults

Next came an analysis of tweets by Demos, who also put Scotland's First Minister in the lead at the end of the night.

MASSIVE applause for Nicola Sturgeon on her closing statement - best moment of anyone, at any time at #leadersdebate


But a poll by ComRes for ITV News declared that David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nigel Farage were all joint winners.

ITV News / ComRes poll

It also said that Farage was one of the worst performers on the night, which is a little confusing.

The same poll found that voters felt that Ed Miliband was "most understanding of your concerns", they believe that David Cameron would be "most capable of leading the country".

ComRes / ITV News

When asked which party would get their vote after the debate, Labour came out on top with 30%, with the Tories just 1% behind.

Another poll, this one by ICM for The Guardian, said that Ed Miliband just scraped victory in the debates.

The results of that poll:

Miliband: 25%

Cameron: 24%

Farage: 19%

Sturgeon: 17%

Clegg: 9%

Bennett: 3%

Wood: 2%

And people couldn't pick out a winner when ICM asked them to choose between either Miliband or Cameron: 50% each.

But the same poll also received some conflicting answers when people were asked about the leaders' personalities, and the actual arguments.

Although 45% of people said Cameron had a "more appealing personality" (against 40% for Miliband), they thought the Labour leader had "better arguments", with 48% against 42%.


The last poll of the night, by Survation, said it was a joint victory for Miliband and Cameron.

#LeadersDebate snap poll (Survation): Cameron - 25% Miliband - 25% Farage - 24% Sturgeon - 15% Clegg - 6% Bennett - 3% Wood - 2%

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