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Ed Miliband Was Spotted With A Beard And People Are Really Into It

And he's become 100% more attractive in the process.

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It all started with a rumour. No one believed it but we all wanted to. Ed Miliband, the former Labour leader, who's currently on holiday in Australia, had been spotted with a BEARD.

Friend from school bumped into Ed MIliband at an airport and he's growing a beard. Stay tuned.

And then the picture dropped. Ed Miliband in Brisbane airport with an actual beard.

Thanks @GrainneMaguire for a photo of Ed Miliband avec beard. So authentic.* (*Keep away from bacon sandwiches tho.)

And so far, we're all agreed. Ed Miliband has become 100% more attractive.

Do I think Ed Miliband looks kind of bangable with a beard? I couldn't possibly comment

*Swoons* *dies*

@RossalynWarren Oh man. I FANCY HIM.

People still struggled to believe it.


Look, this is pre-beard Miliband.

Dave Thompson / Getty Images

And this is post-beard Miliband.

Everyone fucking stop everything. Ed Milibands grown a fucking beard 😍😍

And people absolutely love it.

Ed Miliband is growing a beard. I think I just died πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

A lot of people think he should have had one during the election.


God, if Miliband had grown a beard 6 months ago he'd be Prime Minister right now. Idiot.

Although a lot of people are suggesting his beard is a sign that he's backing Jeremy Corbyn.

Miliband is already growing the #Corbyn beard.

Beard Liberation Front welcomes news that Ed Miliband is growing @jeremycorbyn tribute beard #summerofbeards

It wasn't long before people started to have fun with the picture. One person made this terrifying photoshopped image.


We're SO SORRY about this one.

Tom Phillips / BuzzFeed

Others were a bit more tame.

And one person questioned whether there was a comparison to be drawn to this moment in The Simpsons.

The #Milibeard is certainly an improvement, but is anyone else getting major Mr Burns / alien in The Simpsons vibes?

Never forget the day: 20 August 2015. The day we discovered the Milibeard.

Today is a pretty sacred day @Ed_Miliband has an actual real beard

It's only a matter of time until the only man in the leadership contest without a beard follows suit.

  1. What should Ed Miliband do with his beard?

    Keep the stubble forever.
    Grow it longer.
    Ugh, get rid of it. Men should never have facial hair.
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What should Ed Miliband do with his beard?
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    Keep the stubble forever.
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    Grow it longer.
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    Ugh, get rid of it. Men should never have facial hair.

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