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A Giant Projection Reading "Modi Not Welcome" Was Displayed On British Parliament

We're sure the Indian prime minister will be really looking forward to his visit this week.

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Concerns have been raised over Narendra Modi's human rights record by people including the family of three British citizens killed in Gujarat when Modi was chief minister of the Indian state.

Thirteen years ago, Saeed Dawood, Shakeel Dawood, and Mohammad Aswat were attacked and killed on a highway in India as riots were taking place. The three were burned alive and have never received justice, prompting an end of active talks between the UK and Gujarat governments, according to FirstPost.

But discussions between the UK and Gujarat reopened again in 2012, despite there being no change in the case. A spokesperson for the Dawood family told BuzzFeed News that foreign officials who met the family were "noncommittal" on how strongly they would take up the case with Modi.

Suresh Grover, a spokesperson for the Dawood family's campaign and also a main participant in the Modi Not Welcome campaign, said he was not opposed to trade with India, but said that by appearing alongside Modi, the British prime minister was "facilitating the image [Modi] wants to build".

Grover said the images were projected on to the houses of parliament and Big Ben for seven and a half minutes before protesters were forced to stop.

Massive #ModiNotWelcome projection appears on the building of British parliament 2 condemen Modi's fascist ideology

"You can get arrested for it," Grover claimed.

Campaigners have also prepared a protest to take place outside Downing Street on Wednesday, once Modi has arrived in London. They are still waiting for permission to hold a rally outside Parliament Square.

Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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