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iTunes Reviews Under The "UKIP Calypso" Song Are Incredibly Blunt

"No, just no."

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Dave and I love this! Dave says he is going to put this right to the front of his vinyl collection. (He has Agadoo there at the moment) I called Gideon "Far Boy" Osborne – because he is down with the kids and all that, and asked him if he had heard it but he said he was having trouble ripping it to his record player. i know when he's winding me up... the big question is will it make me want to defect to UKIP? Now that they have heavyweights like Mike "Reggae" Read onboard I think the momentum is unstoppable.
Pathetic piece of racist tosh from has-been, washed up Mike Read, who couldn't get a gig except at UKIP party. Can't believe Farage endorsed this. This spells out what UKIP think of UK's black community & will lose them any black votes they had

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