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There Is A Tory Election Campaign Song In Hindi And You Won't Get It Out Of Your Head

The chorus is fantastic.

The Conservative Friends of India have released a campaign song for the election.

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The song is called "Neela hai aasma", which translates to "The sky is blue". The group claims it's the first Hindi song to be released in UK election history.

The chorus, for example, is probably the most fantastic part of the song.

"David Cameron, David Cameron."

We enlisted BuzzFeed India to translate the song and were told that the lyrics could be from a soothing nursery rhyme.

An analysis of the lyrics shows that the video is extremely educational.

Conservative Friends of India

And teaches us new facts.

Conservative Friends of India

There is one part of the song where the lyrics are a little odd.

Conservative Friends of India
Conservative Friends of India

The video appears to be a compilation of all the appearances the prime minister has made with Indians.

Conservative Friends of India

Here's one that looks like it's from Downing Street.

Conservative Friends of India

Some of these images then pop up again in the video, although it's unclear if it's because it's part of the chorus to use the same images or if they just ran out of pictures.

There's also a special guest appearance from Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan from when he helped unveil a statue of Gandhi in Westminster.

Conservative Friends of India

The video is a clear attempt to reach more ethnic minority voters, who many claim could be a crucial part of this election, especially in certain marginal constituencies.

Shailesh Vara, the Conservative candidate fighting for re-election in North West Cambridgeshire, told BuzzFeed News the video was a way of targeting British Indian voters.

"This is the first time we've had such a song and video in any western democracy," he said. "There's a 1.5 million+ British Indian community in the country and we'd like to target that. Many British Indians are Conservatives, but not as many as we would like."

Vara said the musicians involved were Tory supporters, adding: "Navin Kundra, who's the lead singer in the video, is very well-known and has had six No. 1 singles in the Asian charts."

A spokesperson for the Conservative Friends of India told BuzzFeed News the organisation launched the initiative to reach out to Hindi- and Urdu-speaking voters.

Whatever your opinion about the song, there is one thought you will definitely come away with: "I can't get the bloody chorus out of my head."