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Labour MPs Urge Party Members Not To Quit Just Because Jeremy Corbyn Is Party Leader

"Hang in there."

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Less than 48 hours into Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, Labour MPs are having to plead with members not to leave the party.

Going to need some convincing not to cancel my Labour party membership today.

Wes Streeting, Labour's MP for Ilford North, told Kirstin that "it's your party, too."

@haykirstin Because we don't give up that easily and it's your party, too. Hang in there.

Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, told Kirstin to "please hang in there."

@wesstreeting @haykirstin please hang in there.

After Corbyn was announced the party's new leader yesterday, others started apologising to their MPs. "Sorry JR."

@jreynoldsMP well thats my vote going from the party till hes gone loved the comrade bit and all the middle class london lefties sorry jr

Like Streeting and Phillips, the MP for Stalybridge didn't support Corbyn's campaign but insisted that it was worth staying a party member if you trusted your local MP.

@sociedadboy Hang in there Mark. Give the bloke a chance, but also remember it's your local MP/candidate you get to vote for

Richard Wilson, who was a candidate for the party, also said before the result was announced that his years campaigning for Labour may end if Corbyn was named leader.

I've spent my free time for years campaigning for Labour.That may end 2moro & I'm dreading it.See u all on the other side. #labourleadership

Labour MP Toby Perkins said simply: "Don't give up comrade."

Don't give up comrade.

But it's not all bad for Labour MPs. At least former Liverpool FC man Stan Collymore rejoined the Labour party after Corbyn was named leader.

Oh, on a separate note! Rejoined the party today! #Labour

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