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    George Osborne Looked Really Hungover Today

    Some people apparently thought it made him look hot.

    It's Wednesday, so Britain's elite politicians came together today for the weekly Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons.

    And then there was chancellor George Osborne.

    'Why did i have to open the whisky'

    He's struggling to keep it together

    'please make this fucking end'

    Absolutely loving hungover George Osborne

    Who didn't quite look like a man in charge of the UK's finances.

    Why does George Osborne look like he's just got out of bed?! #pmqs

    There were some suggestions about what had happened. Perhaps he just lost his way home.

    Where in gods name was George Osborne last night? He looks like he slept in a ditch #pmqs

    But most people thought it was pretty obvious that there could be only one real answer. He looked hungover.

    George Osborne looks totally off his face at #PMQs

    George Osborne looks like he is in a world of pain. #hungover!

    Is George Osborne hungover? Collar sticking out, jacket all over the place. Deary me. #pmqs

    We have all been George Osborne, sat uncomfortably close to our boss, reeking of booze and trying not to chunder

    And perhaps he should have done something to hide it.

    George Osborne looks like he's getting over a heavy night out. We know how he feels. #pmqs

    And then there was this guy, who just told it like it is. Osborne looks hot when hungover.

    I honestly think George Osborne is looking pretty hot at today's PMQs.

    And really, really spaced out.