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David Cameron Struggles To Answer Whether Or Not He Could Live On A Zero-Hours Contract

"That's not the question," the prime minister said. "Well it's the question I'm asking," Jeremy Paxman retorted.

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David Cameron was finally forced to say whether he could live on a zero-hours contract, after Jeremy Paxman asked the same question several times.

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The prime minister defended the government's economic record and claimed there were only one in 50 people on zero-hours contracts. He was called out quickly.

Roughly 1 in 43 people in employment are on a zero hour contract #BattleForNumber10

And then Paxman asked, again, if Cameron could live on a zero-hours contract.

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To which the prime minister said, "That's not the question."

'Could you live on a zero hours contract?' Says Paxo. 'Thats not the question' says Cameron, somewhat miserably #BattleForNumber10

Unfortunately for him, Paxman responded immediately: "Well, it's the question I'm asking."

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Cameron argued that some students choose to work on zero-hours contracts.

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He eventually said that he couldn't live on the type of contract that the government is going to ban.

And then Paxman went one step further and asked about welfare cuts. He asked: "I don't mean to be rude but do you know the answer?"

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Perhaps avoiding a head to head debate doesn't look like such a good idea anymore.

Cameron's about to ask if he can debate Miliband instead #BattleForNumber10

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