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David Cameron Forgot Which Football Team He Supports

He told an audience this morning to support West Ham. But he's definitely an Aston Villa fan, isn't he?

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David Cameron appears to have forgotten which team he supports, and told an audience in Croydon today that he wants them to support West Ham.

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It's a bit awkward because the prime minister has said on countless occasions that he's an Aston Villa supporter. Here he is telling schoolchildren in 2012 why he's a Villan.

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Cameron was in South London today to unveil the Conservative party's plans for black and ethnic minority communities.

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He said:

"We're the party of the first female Prime Minister. The party of the first Jewish Prime Minister. And I know that, one day, we're going to be the party of the first black or Asian Prime Minister.'

I want this to be an opportunity country, where no matter who you are or where you're from; whether you're black, white, Asian or mixed race; whether you're from the inner city or rural heartlands; you can make the most of your talents."

But all anyone really cares about is that the prime minister can't remember what football team he supports. Here are the clips side-by-side:


Cameron later clarified and blamed this morning's mishap on a "brain fade". He said he definitely supports Aston Villa.

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