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    Here Are A Bunch Of Things That Happened In The Last Week You Should Definitely Know About

    Wondering where I can adopt a COVID-detecting dog for myself...

    1. A Tennessee House Republican apologized after allegedly trying to "pants" a referee during his son's high school basketball game.

    Faison wearing a camouflage print blazer in a House session

    2. Some Massachusetts school districts are bringing highly trained dogs to classrooms to detect "the scent" of COVID-19.

    K9s Huntah and Duke visited Norton Middle School today for some Covid-detection work. Thanks to Supt. Baeta and everyone from @NortonSchools and @FIU_Forensics for the help.

    @BristolSheriff / Via Twitter: @BristolSheriff

    The Labradors, named Huntah and Duke, were trained to recognize the distinct odor that people with COVID-19 apparently have. The dogs will be able to detect the scent on surfaces and will sit down to indicate if they have smelled it.

    One school official said the effort will help students feel safe at school. "We are doing everything we can to mitigate the risk," Fairhaven superintendent Tara Kohler said in an interview with CBS Boston.

    3. American figure skater Timothy LeDuc will become the first openly non-binary athlete to participate in a Winter Olympics.

    Timothy LeDuc skating with partner Ashley Cain-Gribble

    4. Jeopardy contestant Amy Schneider became the first woman to earn more than $1 million on the show in the regular season.

    Amy Schneider on the set of Jeopardy

    5. Hundreds of cars were stranded in the freezing cold on a Virginia highway for 18+ hours.

    A bunch of cars and trucks stopped on the highway

    6. US carbon emissions jumped a whopping 6% in 2021, bouncing back from the "pandemic dive" low emissions of 2020.

    A fire on a hillside in California

    7. And finally, public and private schools in Washington, DC will now be required to provide students with free pads and tampons.

    Tampons and pads on a table