14 Adults From "Harry Potter" That Caused Students To Need Therapy Later In Life, And 5 That Were Almost Completely Unproblematic

    Spoiler alert: There are a lot of adults bullying children on this list.

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    Hey y'all! I'm Simone and like so many of us, I am a Harry Potter stan. With so much new content coming out this year my mind has been buzzing for all things magic. As I read Harry Potter I couldn’t help thinking that these children are going to need so much therapy one day (aside from the memories of the war) because the adults in their life were so problematic — even the seemingly unproblematic ones. So I decided to create this ranking of Harry Potter adults, from the ones the kids will need the most therapy to the ones who were the least problematic. Without further ado, here is my unofficial ranking.

    17. Dolores Umbridge

    16. Peter Pettigrew

    15. Voldemort

    voldemort smiling, showing all teeth
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    14. Bellatrix Lestrange

    Bellatrix looking ghastly.

    13. Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy

    12. Gilderoy Lockhart

    Lockhart wearing a long trenchcoat over a three-piece suit, leaning on a school desk

    11. Vernon and Petunia Dursley

    vernon and petunia dursley wear a suit and a v-neck dress, respectively

    10. Albus Dumbledore

    dumbledore wears a velvet wizard hat and robe

    9. James Potter

    James Potter wears round glasses and a sweater over a button-down shirt, smiling

    8. Snape

    snape wears a dark robe and looks up at the sky

    7. Molly Weasley

    molly weasley, who has bangs and shoulder-length curly hair, holds a wand out in front of her

    6. Sirius Black

    5. Remus Lupin

    remus lupin wears a sweater over a button-down shirt and tie, holding a wand

    4. Lily Evans Potter

    lily potter wears a long-sleeved shirt and has long, frizzy hair. she holds baby harry and her mouth is open, eyes wide as if screaming

    3. Arthur Weasley

    Arthur Weasley wears a leather hat and has his brows furrowed, mouth slightly open

    2. Rubeus Hagrid

    1. Minerva McGonagall

    Minerva McGonagall wears a turtleneck and tiny glasses, which she looks over with pursed lips

    What do you think? Did I leave anyone out, rank someone too high or too low? Comment below and let me know!

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