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Yoga Wear You Need For 5 Different Types Of Yoga Classes!

Yoga isn’t just about postures and breathing exercises. There are many different types of yoga classes depending on the speed and technique of this ancient form of exercise. Whether you have opted for a more sweltering hot yoga or cool stretching hatha yoga, you must choose your clothes wisely to enjoy the maximum comfort. You can’t afford to shift your focus to your clothes when you are engaged in your yoga postures. Here are 5 different types of yoga classes and the ideally compatible clothes that you should wear for these.

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Hot Yoga

Mangala Yoga

Hot yoga is usually performed in a room where the temperature is over 35 degrees. This form of yoga is designed to make you sweat heavily. So, never wear cotton clothes, long sleeves or baggy tees. Rather, stick to yoga wear like a form-fitting tank top with moisture wicking quality and a pair of yoga shorts. You can also tie a headband in case your hair falls too much on your face.

Ashtanga Yoga:


Ashtanga yoga is a form that is quicker than the other forms of yoga. It involves quick-paced and firm stretching and twisting for which you need to wear form-fitting clothes that will support your movements and stay put. Usually lightweight tank tops made of polypropylene are the ideal yoga wear for the Ashtanga yoga.

Power yoga:


Power yoga, also known as Vinyasa is a form that synchronizes the postures with proper breathing. Since it includes a lot of postures with frequent movements and less holding positions, you must choose more breathable yoga wear. No tight clothes are allowed for this type of yoga. Wearing a sports bra is a must during these classes.

Hatha Yoga:


Hatha yoga is gentler than the rest of the yoga forms and it involves gentle breathing and stretching exercises. You do not need to be too fussy about clothes when you are going to attend your yoga classes. Hatha yoga is ideal for beginners and you can wear whatever clothes you like for these classes. A pair of leggings and a t-shirt can be the perfect yoga wear for hatha yoga. You can also wear anything that is flexible and convenient for free movement of your body.

Yin Yoga:

Yoga bewusst leben

Yin yoga is the calming and slow form of yoga where you need to hold the postures longer. The deep stretching exercises require you to wear ultra-flexible yoga wear. A pair stretchy yoga pants can offer the ideal comfort to you during your yin yoga sessions.

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