19 Jumping Crocodiles That Should Be Shooting Hoops

Crocs spend their lives underwater right? Ummmmmmmmm.

1. Australia’s jumping crocodiles like to get big air.

Flickr: neeravbhatt / Creative Commons

3. They would make excellent basketball players.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

Flickr: patrick_keogh / Creative Commons


4. Though you probably wouldn’t dispute close calls.

Flickr: jonclark2000 / Creative Commons

5. These guys are seriously athletic.

7. Eyes locked on the target.

Flickr: carolienc / Creative Commons

8. Deadly concentration.

Flickr: barkochre / Creative Commons

9. Focus on the task at hand.

Flickr: simonstarr / Creative Commons

10. Reliable aim.

Flickr: susanrenee / Creative Commons

11. Superb grace and balance.

Flickr: 1234abcd / thinboyfatter / Creative Commons

12. Unnerving grip.

Flickr: timol / Creative Commons

13. Unquenchable enthusiasm.

Flickr: trevor_page / Creative Commons

14. Whatever the conditions.

Flickr: raeallen / Creative Commons

15. BOOM.

Flickr: vitch / Creative Commons

16. Australia’s greatest predator.

Flickr: 124218288@N03 / Alexandre Lavrov / Creative Commons

17. Also deadly at sea level.

18. Best observed from upper level seats.

Flickr: vitch / Creative Commons

19. Or courtside if you don’t mind losing your camera.

Jumping Crocs of Adelaide River we salute you!

Flickr: vitch / Creative Commons

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