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Things You Might Not Know About Your Mattress

You’re heading back to school. Now that you live off campus, isn’t it time to ditch that hand-me-down mattress and buy a new one of your own?

Okay, first off, consider the fact that you're going to spend about one-third of your life in bed.

A woman covered by a blue blanket, sleeps in bed.

Science has shown that sleeping better can actually increase your creativity. Simply put, you need to dream more.

Imagine the greatness you could achieve if you just slept a little better.

Think of it as self-care. This past year has been a thing. A new mattress can reduce stress.

A woman with pink hair takes a selfie.

So what should you look for in a mattress? You probably want to make sure it has motion isolation.

Woman with blue hair asleep with her dog.

And you want a mattress that supports your dreams, whether you sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach.

A blue and white Simmons mattress against a blue and white patterned wall.

But most importantly, make sure the mattress you buy comes with a money-back guarantee trial period.

Calendar with date circled in red ink.

Here's one last, deeply satisfying piece of information. Not making your bed could actually make you healthier than making it.

Messy bed covers.

All images provided by Getty and Simmons.

Let your mattress be your creative launchpad. Check out the new mattress custom-designed by Charli & Dixie x Simmons. You even have 100 nights to sleep on it!

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