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    Sweetu From "Kal Ho Naa Ho" Totally Deserved A Better Friend Than Naina. Here's Why!

    Because Sweetu jaisi koi nahi!

    We can all agree that Sweetu from Kal Ho Naa Ho was kind, friendly, and a true self-love queen. I mean, there are so many wonderful life lessons that we can learn from this woman, especially when it comes to being a good friend. Having said that, I do believe that she was stuck with a neighbour and best friend who genuinely didn’t care.

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    Naina wasn’t just self-centred. She'd go out of her way to constantly ridicule her friends, be it Rohit or Sweetu. I am not the only one who thinks that, right? Right!

    So, here’s why Sweetu deserved a better friend – one who cheered her on sometimes, for a change, and stood by her.

    1. Sweetu was the OG body-positivity queen.

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    Right in the beginning of the movie, Naina introduced Sweetu as her neighbour and "unfortunately best friend" — one whose weight wouldn’t reduce and that fact didn’t bother her. And it didn’t. Because right from the start, Sweetu was someone who ate what she liked, wore what she liked, and fell in love freely. But unfortunately, she was surrounded by constant party poopers. For example, in the beginning, when Sweetu talks about having joined a dating site, Naina tells her, "Tum paas se Aishwarya Rai ka ghar lagti ho". Her sister also was no different — calling her a "bus" right before a blind date! Classy. 

    2. She was constantly hopeful about "the one", and there's really nothing wrong with that.

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    Sweetu was immediately intrigued after seeing Frankie Ramdayal. And despite what everyone said, she was hopeful about making it work with him. This is where Naina, YET AGAIN, decided to be a "sadoo". She didn’t just body shame her, telling her that she won’t find any guy until she sheds some weight — she even went on to ask Sweetu how she found Frankie Ramdayal cute. Moreover, when Aman tried to set them up, after noticing that Sweetu clearly had a crush on Frankie, best friend of the year Naina was appalled. *eyeroll*

    3. She never let rude comments ruin her vibe.

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    Imagine having a "best friend" like Naina and still being this positive! Sweetu deserved a medal just for tolerating her negativity all day. When she looked forward to meeting cute guys, Naina decided to project her own insecurities on her, by telling her that the men she’ll fall for will eventually leave her. Sure, Naina’s feelings stemmed from her own toxic family, but to force your own preconceived notions about love on someone else is unfair. And Sweetu, despite that, continued to remain as positive as she was! A true icon.

    4. She continued being a good friend, despite, you know, Naina.

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    Naina had a hard time believing Sweetu would get any love due to her weight, going so far as to constantly remind her of that. But she was, in turn, a really good friend. When Naina confided in her about her feelings for Aman, Sweetu was extremely supportive. She encouraged her to pursue her love and tell him how she feels. This isn’t something that Naina does for her. Instead, when Sweetu is heartbroken about Frankie Ramdayal leaving, Naina tells her something along the lines of, "I can’t blame him". Just...why? 

    5. She genuinely cared for people who went ahead and disregarded her views.

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    Be it her love for glazed doughnuts or boys, Naina constantly ridicules Sweetu in the movie. Sensing her bitterness, Sweetu tells Naina, rather kindly, that she needs help. It didn’t come across like a taunt and seemed like Sweetu truly cared and wanted Naina to be happy. Yet Naina disregarded that advice and continued to rain on her sweet parade. Huh!

    6. She bore no grudges and forgave people easily.

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    Remember that cute love story between Sweetu and Frankie Ramdayal that blossomed in the sidelines? Well, after he broke her heart, telling her that he was "confused", Sweetu was really obviously distraught. Yet, when she saw him again during Naina’s wedding festivities, her eyes lit up and it really seemed like she would give him a chance again.

    7. She never made fun of Naina!

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    Any scene with Naina and Sweetu is BOUND TO HAVE have a healthy sprinkling of some good ol’ body shaming directed at our sweet girl. Yet, when Naina was called "chashmish" by Aman, Sweetu never took part in those taunts. Even Rohit ganged up with Aman to make fun of Naina, but Sweetu? No, never.

    8. And finally, she was just a treat to watch.

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    Sweetu may have had simple needs, but she was really cute in all her scenes. Her behaviour was never influenced by what her friends said, and she continued being herself through it all. So move aside, Naina. Sweetu genuinely needs a friend who cares for her. I mean, I know this movie released almost twenty years ago, but still!