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13 Ways You Can Turn Your Work Into Play

The happiest people know little tricks to let their true selves bloom and make tedious situations seem fun. Here are some creative things people have done to turn the daily grind on its head, brought to you by Silk Bloom.

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1. You'll actually look forward to mundane chores if you can turn them into games.

JUrquhart / BuzzFeed

For example, the imaginary basketball playoffs are a lot more fun than cleaning.

2. Getting permission to bring dogs to work can improve all of your co-workers' day.


And who knows, they might even be able to lend a hand!

3. So can taking breaks for acrobatic performances.

America's Funniest Home Videos / ABC / Via

But you'll probably want to be a little more subtle than these guys.

4. Exercise at work.


Group exercise is a great way to stay motivated!

5. Sometimes pranks are the perfect thing to bring joy to stressful situations.


The person being pranked usually gets a laugh out of it. Usually...

6. If you work in food preparation, adding artistic flourishes to food will make you and your customers happy.

For example, baristas have figured this out with foam art.

7. Don't feel bad about doodling your way through meetings and conference calls.

K. Rossi / BuzzFeed

Studies show it may be good for creative energy, and you might get a laugh out of the person sitting next to you.

8. If you work with heavy equipment, you can take work breaks doing things like this.


Whatever you can safely get away with...

9. Possibly more than any other method, dancing is a time-tested way to bring joy to your work. You could be working as a police officer...

10. ...or adding a little flavor to your restaurant job.

These waiters at a Pizza Hut in India know what's up.

11. And don't get trapped dancing by yourself in a cubicle.

BuzzFeed / Via

Seek out social workspaces. Many offices are adopting open layouts and setting up shared playlists to rock out to throughout the day.

12. If you're a teacher, you can make your days more fun (and the days of your students) by putting on big, flashy demonstrations.


Your creativity is what makes your students' creativity bloom. Just be sure not to blow anyone up!

13. And finally, seize opportunities to change settings.

Jim Wroten / CC BY / Via

Your brain will feel refreshed if you occasionally take your office work outside to a park bench or have one-on-one meetings while taking a walk on a sunny day.