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You During Halloween Vs. Your Dog During Halloween

Your dog has no idea why you're being so strange on this particular day, but she's here to support you.

1. Humans give candy away to gaggles of festive children who ring their doorbell every five minutes.

Dogs have no idea why these strange little people are constantly trying to invade your home, but they don't like it.

2. Humans completely disregard their diets and enjoy copious amounts of candy, pumpkin pie, and cupcakes.

Dogs will do literally anything in order to get one of their own treats, too.

3. Humans sometimes go all out with their attempt to be somebody (or something) else for a day.

Dogs only know that dressing up like a cat in a hat is not a punishment because of how incredibly tickled you are to see them like that.

4. Many humans celebrate Halloween by putting in the bare minimum of festive effort.

If given the choice, dogs will always opt for the bare minimum of festive effort.

5. Humans love to dress up like iconic characters and figures on Halloween.

Dogs have absolutely no idea what a "character" is, but they’re gonna go with it.

6. Humans pretend to welcome the dark forces into their homes with creepy decor.

Dogs don’t care about your strange new aesthetic; they just see a bunch of weird new toys around the house.

7. Humans party and blast upbeat songs that are vaguely spooky.

Even the wisest dogs can get spooked when the music is too loud, no matter how well curated your Halloween playlist is.

8. Humans will stay up late, watching scary flicks while hopped up on sugar.

Dogs try to communicate with their eyes (and actions) that they don't wanna be a killjoy here, they just want everyone to go to bed already.

9. Humans will embrace their stranger side all day and night.

Dogs have absolutely no idea why you're being SO WEIRD TODAY, but they love you so much and will gladly play along.

Doorbells, squealing children, and lots of Halloween commotion can trigger noise aversion, a set of anxiety- or fear-based behaviors. Many owners don’t even realize their dogs are suffering from this serious medical condition.

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