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    Posted on Dec 13, 2017

    Unique London - Top 5 Places For A Truly Memorable Visit

    We all know London, we all love it! But, if you want a truly unique experience, then this list is for you!

    A Unique, Boutique Location

    The Hoxton / Via

    If you're visiting London, then you'll need somewhere to stay. Obviously. If you want to visit London and have a unique experience, then your run-of-the-mill hotel chain is not for you.

    London offers its visitors the chance to stay at some truly distinctive digs, with The Hoxton standing head and shoulders above the rest. Located in the heart of Holborn, no two rooms are the same. They also look like something out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel! Certainly, a sleepover to remember.

    A Step Into The Past

    Dennis Severs House / Via

    Since you're staying at one fancy place, why not visit another one? Dennis Severs' House is an interactive experience that lets you see what the life of 18th-century silk-weavers was really like! Okay, maybe you weren't thinking about that to begin with, but the experience really is a fascinating one.

    The tour unfolds like a movie plot, and has been described as a 'still-life-drama'. Don't bother with the usual museum suspects - everyone knows them inside and out. Try stepping back in time to get a real taste of Old London instead.

    An Apocalyptic Landscape Without The Apocalypse

    Barbican Conservatory / Via

    No, this isn't a scene from The Maze Runner or The Hunger Games. This is the Barbican Conservatory, which should be right up the street of dystopian-literature fans, and those who just enjoy a wondrous sight, too.

    Situated in London's city centre, the Barbican Conservatory is an art piece on its own, having a plethora of exotic plants and trees overgrown what used to be part of the concrete jungle. An Instagrammers paradise!

    A Game Like No Other

    Design My Night / Via

    The boom of escape-the-room type games over the last couple of years has led to many imitators - many who have done quite well. However, since we're on the theme of doing something totally different to what you've done before, you need to check out Lady Chastity's Reserve.

    Upon first hearing the name, we thought it was an old-timey medicine. But, turns out it's a new type of team game. An immersive team game. Hosted by the two dashing chaps in the picture above. We won't give too much away as to not ruin it for you, but if you like situation/location games, and have friends, this is not one to miss.

    Bright Lights At Night

    Time Out / Via

    Once the sun goes down, you might be thinking about heading back to the hotel. But if you really want to cap off your unique experience with something remarkable, be sure to visit God's Own Junkyard. It's the largest personal collection of retro and vintage neon lights in all the land! How cool is that?

    To use another movie reference (what, they're relatable and they work) it gives of Blade Runner vibes, that are not only picturesque, but just awesome to be around. It's also free entry, so your wallet will thank you!