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    Posted on Feb 27, 2019

    How To Work At Home

    Many of us love the idea of working at home, but how can you ensure you stay productive?

    More and more people are leaving their traditional office desk job and instead opting to work from home. Whether this is to work on their own startup or small business or to take advantage of a lovely workplace perk. It certainly has its advantages – the lack of commute and travel costs being the main ones.

    But just because you don’t need to leave your front door anymore – doesn’t mean that you should shut yourself off completely! A common con that people discuss when talking about working from home is the lack of social interactions and how the balance between work and home life becomes blurred. In this article, we’ll show you how to perfect this balance.

    Avoid Distractions


    When working from home, the amount of potential distractions is often the number one complaint especially, if you can find it difficult to concentrate. Remove yourself from distractions by having a space set aside for your workspace. Have it kitted out with all the equipment you’d expect in an office to help get you in the mindset that you are at work. Ask those you live with to respect that when you are in this space you are not to be disturbed.

    Work Towards Goals


    It’s important to give yourself self a schedule and goals to help manage your workload and day – especially as you’ll be in charge of your own time management. Give yourself a start and a finish time and stick to it! Ensure you have both a scheduled lunch and coffee breaks as you would in your regular office to help keep you motivated. As you’ll be managing your own workload without a line manager you’ll need to come up with our performance checks. Giving yourself goals will help keep your momentum up give you a sense of achievement and job satisfaction.

    Avoid Burnout


    It’s important to also get out of the house to save cabin fever setting in. If you feel like you aren’t being as productive as you can be, take a break and go for a run. This will give you a renewed burst of energy and will help you tackle problem areas head-on with a fresh perspective. Alternatively, remove yourself entirely from your home for a few hours and work in a nearby coffee shop for a change of scenery. This way the guilt of household chores or pets crying for attention won’t distract you from the job at hand.


    However, it’s important to remember that you have a personal life too and you may struggle with maintaining a work-life balance. As your work commitments rise it’s all so tempting to work a little bit longer than you usually would in an office and take work calls well into your evening. Block in leisure time into your diary as you would with meetings or client calls. Take time to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any other event that means a lot to you. A good life balance is key to maintaining your sanity and ensuring that you will be as productive as can be.

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