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    Posted on Mar 8, 2019

    Bringing Spring Into Your Home

    With Spring just around the corner, here's a few ideas to help you bring the new season into your home.

    With the new Spring season only a couple of weeks away, many of us will be looking around our homes to see where we can breathe new life in for the coming year. Where winter will have been a time to be indoors feeling cosy, the longer days and warmer temperatures will be bringing a sense of renewal into your home. If you have a desire to reflect the new season in your home, here’s a few ideas to help you on your way.



    Anyone who professes to be green-fingered will know that a rough winter can have a terrible effect on your garden. Heavy rain and snowfall can turn up lawns and wash away valuable topsoil. Also, if you live near a wooded area, you will know the feeling of constantly clearing away leaves only too well. There are a number of grass treatments that you can try to bring your lawn back to life, and it might be a good idea to plant some flowers that open in the spring months to bring new life to your garden and home.

    Living Room


    While your living room might have been a sanctuary from the elements for the last couple of months, it might now be looking for a new lease on life. Getting the windows open for a couple of hours and moving the air will make all the difference. There are a number of light colour options you can look at to brighten up your room, and even rearranging the furniture can help to give a sense of continuity.



    We all know that the kitchen is the beating heart of the home, so having this room reflect the season is vital. Something as simple as having a bowl of seasonal fruit can make all the difference in changing the character of a room. Decluttering is also in vouge right now, so be sure to have a look at design options that will allow you to minimise this room. Bright colours will also help to reflect the season of change and new beginnings, especially when you’re cooking fresh spring meals


    Via Flickr: reeksdistrict

    As the bedroom is the one part of the house where we will technically be spending most of our time, making a positive change here will feel like a big difference in your day to day life. The mornings are getting brighter which means you might want to invest in blackout curtains if you’re a light sleeper. There are all kinds of different bedroom design trends to have fun with, especially if you are looking for inspiration on how to tackle this room.

    There are all kinds of changes you can make across your home to see in the new season. You don’t have to strip an entire room back to its bare bones to make a visible impact. Something as simple as changing the pillow covers in your living room can make all the difference. Be creative, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. Changing into Spring shouldn’t be seen as a laborious task.

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