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Tips For Organizing A Birthday Party

Birthday is the event that motivates most of the children's celebrations , but there are many more occasions to organize parties. We suggest some tips to make your children's birthday party easier. Do not forget to have your opinion, include the whole family in the organization of the party and take good planning of all the details. With these keys of Happy birthday images the party will be a safe success.

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Tips for organizing a birthday

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Organizing a party is easy if ideas are available and all details are planned in time. The illusion begins long before the celebration is celebrated. Choose the theme, make the invitations, decorate the room, prepare the food ?? Parents and children can have fun together.

Although the organization is run by the parents, it is desirable to involve the child from the beginning in decision making and preparation, as it gives him the opportunity to develop his social skills, increase his sense of responsibility and cease to be A mere assistant to feel like a real host.

Choose the place for the party

The first thing to decide is whether it is held in one's own home or somewhere else. Children require a lot of space and, in good weather, it would be ideal to do it outdoors. If it is not possible and you decide to do indoors, you will have to prepare a large room to avoid discomfort. In the euphoria of the party, they may not respect the new carpet or the newly upholstered sofa. Another option would be to celebrate it somewhere. In any case, it is important to have an area for the snack and another area and something separate for the games, so that children do not interrupt the activities subjugated by the delicacies and sweets.

Your child's guests

Here the little one has much to say, but we must advise him on the number of attendees, depending on the size of the enclosure or the budget that we have. Also make sure that you do not forget any of your friends and make sure that the ages are as homogeneous as possible, to share similar tastes and make it easier to organize the games.

Types of Birthday Party

It should be in accordance with the child's age and tastes.

At 2 - 3 years . Their periods of attention are still short, so that instead of a show, it is preferable that they listen to music and participate in short and simple games of much movement and without rules, still can not respect them. Some may be afraid to disguise themselves.

At 4 - 6 years . Do you already entertain the story of a story or some person? Whenever they participate ?? And they can understand the representation of clowns and magicians, but the function should not last more than 30 minutes, because they immediately want to go and play. Activities can be more elaborate. They also like to disguise themselves. The host wants to feel recognized and to be the center of the party.

At 7-8 years . From this age, they begin to have clear opinions about how they want to celebrate it. What matters most to you is the social issue and that your friends think is cool. Here comes originality and fashions.

Party invitations

Bought or made by the child. They must clearly state the name of the guest, the date, place, time of start and end of the party and a telephone number to confirm their attendance. You have to give them enough time for families to get organized, but not too soon to avoid forgetting or getting lost.

Decor and details for the birthday party

A detail placed in the door of house so that the guests can locate the party with facility. Balloons should not be missing and the rest will depend on the type of party, the imagination and the time that is available. It can even be completed throughout the celebration with drawings made by the guests themselves.

Although not essential, to encourage children's participation, small prizes, bought or made at home, such as wreaths or cardboard medals, can be made that the winners of each game will wear with pride. Let us not forget that everyone has to win some, even consolation. And at the end of the party some gift: a balloon, sweets, a little story , a sticker, a craft made by them, etc.

Animation and birthday games

If we have decided to organize games ourselves and, above all, if the group of guests is numerous or very young children, surely it will require the help of some other adult. Children need constant attention. More games should be prepared than will be needed, in case someone does not like them too much and have the material that we need to reduce wait times.

Avoid elimination games as much as possible , as children who are excluded need to keep busy while the others finish and also some might dislike. Activities should be short, poorly worked out and with clear instructions that are understood quickly. The games can be the ones of the whole life ??? related or not with the subject of the party ???, or invented. An animated music should not be missing. The program of snacks, games and surprises must agree with the estimated time for the celebration.

Food and drink for the child's birthday

In general food easy to prepare so the child can participate, and suitable for age and time of day. You can choose attractive presentations so that the predominant shapes and colors allude to the chosen theme. Do without nuts and small products to avoid choking and not to abuse the goodies. In summer, the drink is especially important to keep them hydrated. Lots of water and fizzy drinks. And, if there is a cake at the end, it is preferable to have a homemade cake that the child has worked on.

Important Tips

All parents' landline or mobile phones should be noted in case we need to contact them. It is essential to check the safety of the place where the party will be held (electrical installation, fenced pool, shaded areas, small objects, etc.).

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