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21 Amazing Benefits Of HIIT

It’s no secret that diet and exercise are the keys to burning fat, weight loss, and better health. In fact, being overweight or having high blood pressure and/ or high cholesterol can also lead to a number of health conditions and problems.

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The majority of people who don't exercise claim they don't have time for it, it is too boring or they don't have extra money to shell out for exercise equipment or a gym membership. However, High Intensity Interval Training, or also commonly known as HIIT solves all these problems, and even provides a few more benefits.

Read on to learn more about HIIT and the top 21 amazing benefits of HIIT.

What is HIIT?

HIIT has become more and more popular over the last several years. HIIT has proven to not only burn more fat, lose more weight quicker, and combat a number of other health issues, but studies also show that engaging in more HIIT workouts on a regular and consistent basis will also burn more calories in about half the time of other regular forms of exercise.

After consuming a meal, the body utilizes the food in several different ways. It will use some of the food for fuel, consuming the necessary nutrients and vitamins, and store the rest as energy. When it's time to exercise, the body then uses the stored energy to power the body through the workout. This physical activity then boosts the production of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is the key behind rapid fat loss.

So what exactly is considered an HIIT workout? Here are a few common examples below.



●Aerobic exercises, such as squats, push-ups, and burpees

●Full body weight training

●Cross trainer or elliptical machines

●Brisk walking and/ or running

21 Amazing Benefits of HIIT

Now, without further adieu, here are the 21 amazing benefits to HIIT:

1. Burn more fat

When combining regular workouts with spurts of high-intensity workouts, the results are burning more fat, and in shorter periods of time.

2. Lose weight

The majority of individuals who engage in regular HIIT burn more fat, ultimately losing more weight, and also in a shorter period of time. In fact, some individuals have lost at least 10 pounds in only 4 weeks!

3. Burn more calories

HIIT results in burning more calories than a regular cardio or strength-training workout. It also results in burning more calories longer - even hours after you have finished working out!

4. Boost metabolism

Engaging in any type of physical activity will help increase your metabolism, leading you to burn more fat and lose weight. This is because you are stimulating the production of your Growth Hormone (GH) up to 450 percent - long after you have finished working out.

5. Build and tone muscle

Use it or lose it, right? The same applies for muscles. If you don't engage in regular activity, your muscles become weaker giving us that out of shape look. However, as you spend more time engaging in exercise, including HIIT workouts, your muscles will quickly grow, develop, tone and even become leaner, giving your body that toned look and the attractive appearance you've always wanted.

6. HIIT is more enjoyable

Studies have actually shown that individuals are more likely to engage in HIIT workouts than compared with moderate or low-intensity exercise. Because HIIT is more enjoyable, individuals are more likely to stick to regular routine workouts on a consistent basis.

7. Power your endurance

If you struggle with getting through your workouts, then turning the intensity up a notch is not only motivating but it can also boost your endurance, allowing you to engage in higher-intensity exercises for longer without experiencing fatigue.

8. HIIT can help with Diabetes

Studies have actually proven that people with Type 2 diabetes that engaged in HIIT exercises and workouts have improved their glycemic control.

9. Burn more in less time

HIIT workouts actually provide the same - if not more - benefits and caloric and fat burn in half the time that individuals spend performing moderate to low-intensity workouts.

10. Excellent cardiovascular benefits

Although many individuals are under the impression that the only way to good heart health is through cardio. Although moderate to low-intensity cardio workouts are still great workouts, HIIT workouts still provide the same benefits to your heart and cardiovascular system, and in half the time.

11. More efficient

HIIT workouts are actually more efficient than regular or moderate-intensity workouts. HIIT workouts are also perfect for those with busy schedules who want the same results as a regular workout, but in less time.

In fact, this video shows how you can burn more calories doing HIIT workouts than 30 minutes on a treadmill!

12. No equipment necessary

Although some HIIT workouts involve intense strength training, they aren't necessary. In fact, many HIIT workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home. Running, biking, rowing and even doing burpees in your own backyard are great examples of HIIT workouts without the need for any equipment - or a gym membership.

13. Lower blood pressure

In addition to boosting the metabolism, regulating insulin levels, and even boosting the production of GH levels in the body, HIIT workouts have also proven to lower blood pressure, promoting overall heart health.

14. Maintain cholesterol profiles

High cholesterol is linked with a high percentage of body fat, poor diet, and little to no physical activity. However, HIIT will turn your cholesterol profiles around. It will help boost "good" cholesterol with sustained energy levels while simultaneously reducing "bad" cholesterol levels.

15. Increase oxygen intake

The American College of Sports and Medicine has proven that HIIT forces individuals to consume more oxygen, which increases blood flow and also promotes cardiovascular health as well as respiratory health.

16. Lower risk of diseases

In addition to promoting cardiovascular health, respiratory health, and even control glycemic levels in those with Type 2 diabetes, HIIT workouts have also proven to lower the risk of other diseases, such as stroke, pulmonary disease, and even arthritis.

17. Low-cost

Although many HIIT workouts can be performed in a gym or other type of recreational center, it isn't necessary. Many HIIT workouts, such as running, biking, swimming, and even doing squats and burpees can be done right in your own home, eliminating the need for equipment or a gym membership, and saving you money!

18. More convenient

Again, HIIT workouts can be performed anywhere, anytime! HIIT workouts are also the ideal choice for those with busy schedules who may need to adjust their workouts accordingly to what they have time for and when, all while still seeing the same results!

19. Improve athletic performance

We already know that HIIT workouts can boost the metabolism and endurance, however, HIIT can also improve overall athletic and exercise performance. By engaging in regular, consistent HIIT workouts, individuals are not only more likely to continue with them, but also enjoy them more, ultimately improving overall athletic performance.

20. It’s a great challenge

For those avid athletes who are powered by HIIT workouts, and who often get bored with regular moderate to low-intensity workouts, you will discover that HIIT is the right intensity for you. HIIT workouts are a challenge but yet are more enjoyable, which means you will not only burn more fat, but you are likely to stick with them more consistently.

21. Perfect for all ages

HIIT workouts don't discriminate! All ages are welcome to try HIIT workouts, and there is a workout for everyone - regardless of age or endurance level.

However, if you have a pre-existing medical condition or other type of disease or health concern, it's best to consult with a physician or healthcare provider before engaging in HIIT workouts.

So, there you have it! Twenty-one completely amazing benefits to HIIT, and the complete solutions for finding time to work out - and actually enjoying your workout - burning more fat, losing weight, and all without spending a dime. The solution is always exercise.

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