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16 Ways Public Transportation Will Actually Make Your Day

"The most amazing thing happened this morning..." Take a shared ride from Sidecar to make your ride cheaper than public transportation. It just might make your day.

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3. Or when you see a dog hiding away in a travel bag.

innuendo / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: innuendo

God bless whoever instated the "animals must be kept in bag at all times" rule because it has created the cutest game of "peek-a-boo" man has ever known!

6. Or something that's not so subtle and is terrible.

But like funny terrible, not crying terrible.

10. When you're reminded that love is real...

13. ...or, like, literally real characters.

15. When you witness something that's an absolute outrage...

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...and so you record every second of it and spend the rest of your day showing people.

Sidecar Shared Rides matches with you with a nearby rider heading your way and cuts your cost in half. Your day just got even better.