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21 Quirks Geordies Don't Realise Are Weird

Most of the world doesn't even know what pease pudding is.

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1. Using the term "alreet" in most conversations.

Instagram: @fredicat17

A lot of non-Geordies don't have a word that means "hello", "okay", "that is satisfactory", and "please tell me about your day and any other shenanigans you have going on".

2. Greggs' sausage rolls being a regular snack.

Flickr: artcriminal / Creative Commons

The bacon sandwich and a coffee deal on a morning, a sandwich meal deal for dinner, a couple of pasties for tea, and something from the late night Greggs is just too much for most folk.


5. Missing Geordie Jeans.

Instagram: @gingasnaps50

Apparently not everyone misses Eclipse as a fashion label.

6. Waiting forever for the right bus.

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Yes, there's the common phrase "wait ages for a bus then three come along at once," however we're more likely to just go with "wait ages for a bus".


9. And saying, "aye", "nee-way", "howay", and a litany of others.

Instagram: @geordiegifts

Our lingo is a baffler to many.

10. Actually enjoying pease pudding.

13. A hatred of all things Sunderland.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

It's actually quite nice and there's no real reason to despise having to go there, but we avoid it at every given opportunity.


14. Thinking bridges are just the best.

Instagram: @ruth__w115

They are though, aren't they?

15. Not wearing a coat even though it's snowing outside.

Instagram: @manuel_galic

So what if it's snowing?

17. Christmas beginning when Fenwicks' window display goes up.

Instagram: @magsdeniaud

Every year without fail, and it's far more regular than snow.

18. Having bars that were built with people watching in mind.

Instagram: @lukeap93_

We have the best views.

20. Being alarmed when you see the sun.

Instagram: @mmeg

We know it's there, so it's nice when it makes an appearance.

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