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    21 Quirks Geordies Don't Realise Are Weird

    Most of the world doesn't even know what pease pudding is.

    1. Using the term "alreet" in most conversations.

    2. Greggs' sausage rolls being a regular snack.

    Flickr: artcriminal / Creative Commons

    The bacon sandwich and a coffee deal on a morning, a sandwich meal deal for dinner, a couple of pasties for tea, and something from the late night Greggs is just too much for most folk.

    3. And eating your tea.

    Flickr: anemoneprojectors / Creative Commons

    Most other places call tea "dinner". Then they call dinner "lunch". That's all confusing enough so let's not even ask what they call breakfast.

    4. Considering Alan Shearer a God.

    Flickr: 90664717@N00 / Creative Commons

    To most other people in the UK, the Newcastle United legend is just a pundit now.

    5. Missing Geordie Jeans.

    6. Waiting forever for the right bus.

    Flickr: 77351420@N04 / Creative Commons

    Yes, there's the common phrase "wait ages for a bus then three come along at once," however we're more likely to just go with "wait ages for a bus".

    7. Being friendly.


    We never really heeded the "don't talk to strangers" advice. Except bus drivers obviously, they very much took that advice and ran with it.

    8. Calling it "Broon Ale".

    Flickr: orwellianrob / Creative Commons

    Cue a look on confusion in every bar you go to outside the North East.

    9. And saying, "aye", "nee-way", "howay", and a litany of others.

    10. Actually enjoying pease pudding.

    11. One of your mates having been on Byker Grove.


    Another common claim to fame being "my brother knows Ant, off of Ant n' Dec."

    12. The Metro being your main form of travel.

    Flickr: mattingham / Creative Commons

    Obviously the bus never showed, so now you're sat traveling next to an empty bottle of White Lightning.

    13. A hatred of all things Sunderland.

    Clive Rose / Getty Images

    It's actually quite nice and there's no real reason to despise having to go there, but we avoid it at every given opportunity.

    14. Thinking bridges are just the best.

    15. Not wearing a coat even though it's snowing outside.

    16. Thinking that students spoil everything.

    Flickr: conchur / Creative Commons

    Okay, this may be more common, but we have two universities and a drinking culture, it's not the best mix.

    17. Christmas beginning when Fenwicks' window display goes up.

    18. Having bars that were built with people watching in mind.

    19. Having the lushest dance moves.


    20. Being alarmed when you see the sun.

    21. But not being bothered, because Newcastle is beautiful whatever the weather.

    Flickr: 75487768@N04 / Creative Commons

    We do scrub up nice.