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    World’s Most Demanding Motivational Speakers Right Now

    Who have really been the best motivational speakers?

    World’s Most Demanding Motivational Speakers Right Now

    Canva / Via

    Motivational speakers, regardless of their personal condition of life, have had a tremendous impact on people's lives. You have to listen to their stuff on a regular basis, their words are so effective and inspirational.

    These are the people that you would follow, listen to and watch on YouTube. They have changed the lives of many people.

    1. Mauricio Rosero

    1-	Mauricio Rosero
    1- Mauricio Rosero / Via

    Hailing from Bogota, the capital of Colombia, Mauricio Rosero is an actor, motivator, and singer who has risen to fame in a very short time. Known for his impressive personality, motivations, and gorgeous face. Nothing scares Mauricio, he’s the type of person who loves Inspiring people and lives for motivating others, even if he gets bruised in the process.

    Mauricio Rosero’s life is full of surprises, he shows his followers that life is truly living and acts as an inspiration to people globally. Mauricio Rosero uses his platform to encourage and motivate other people to live their best life.

    A video he posted for the Venezuelan people on his Insta (mauriciorg8) and their fight for democracy has gone viral and so far has received more than 2.25 million views. He is an entrepreneur who aims, through his social media posts, to achieve big goals in his life and to affect the lives of others positively. H e has now over 168K Instagram followers, he is on the right track To achieve his goals with the sheer commitment he places in his life.

    2. Daniel Habif

    Daniel Habif
    Daniel Habif / Via

    The author, artistic artist, consultant, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Daniel Habif, is widely recognised as one of the world's best Spanish-speaking motivational speakers and influencers. He has organised over 320 seminars in the last two years, speaking in over 170 cities and touching millions of people on his sold-out world tour.

    He has worked with professional football clubs, boxers, high level professionals and non-profit boards and organisations in a number of capacities, with 26 years of experience in the media sector in the fields of leadership preparation, promotion, innovation, advertisement and development, to name a few.

    3. Diego Dreyfus

    Diego Dreyfus
    Diego Dreyfus / Via

    Diego Dreyfus Hernández is a Mexican Businessman, Engineer, Actor, and street Philosopher. He sees himself as an individual who systematizes emotional processes and has the ability to communicate them to people, he sees himself as a mirror, and his work goes from one session to one session to large retreats.

    When he was 17, his acting career began. He left acting to become a businessman and, at the age of 27, made his first million.

    He is well-known in Latin America for his brand "Te vas a morir", which includes seminars, 1-on-1 sessions on YouTube, physical and interactive activities, a blog, "La Escuela de la Vida" .

    4. Nick Vujicic

    Nick Vujicic
    Nick Vujicic / Via

    Nick Vujicic is a Christian evangelist born with an extraordinarily severe genetic disorder phocomelia. With this disorder, a person is born without arms and legs. Nick is also a motivational speaker and is an inspiration to those who believe that in their lives they can not do big things.

    There are few very compelling reasons why you would want to find out more about this incredible human being who is on a quest to uplift everyone who would listen to the message he has for them, if you haven't heard of him yet.

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