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Product Spotlight: Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade

Real Reviewer: Instagram Handle: @cdanaie

Curl Pattern: 3a/3b

Time Natural: 8 years.

Normal Go To Products: Mostly Cantu and Shea Moisture products

What made you buy this product?

I used it in 2010 but then forgot about it once I started discovering other products. I recently ran across it again and decided to pick it up.

What was your first impression of the product?

It was on the expensive side but since I knew it worked, I still bought it.

What’s the texture of the pommade?

It was very runny and watery but a little goes a long way.

Any tips with application?

Yes, before you apply it thoroughly detangle your hair first. Once the product is applied to your hair the consistency leaves no room to detangle afterwards and your hair will dry into knots instead of curls.

How did you apply it?

I used it after applying ORS leave in conditioner to my hair. After rubbing the pommade on, I then applied ORS curl defining cream on top.

What were your results after using?

Very defined curls, I feel it also helped with the straight ends of my hair which are extremely heat damaged.

What were your expectations?

Defined curls.

Did it deliver your desired results?

It absolutely did.

Would you use again?


Is the price point reasonable for continued use?

I feel it is. I purchased the larger bottle which was more expensive assuming I would use a lot like I apply conditioner. I could have gotten away with buying the smaller bottle for much cheaper, since I know I don't need to us as much.

Closing Tips: Again, do not use too much. I did at first, and had to rinse some out.

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