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UCLA's Basketball Team Got Kanye West To Smile And, NGL, It's Warming My Heart

"Ball so hard muh'fuckas wanna fine me."

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Well over the weekend, the two reunited again when 2 Chainz (real name Tauheed Epps) and his family joined the West-Kardashian clan for some food and fun times.

Instagram: @hairweavekiller

And the festivities didn't stop there, because the duo hit up UCLA's Wooden Center to play a friendly game of basketball.

Instagram: @hairweavekiller

Apparently, the rappers didn't actually shoot hoops with the players, but were having their own game when the university's men's team walked in for their scheduled practice. That's when Yeezy and 2 Chainz stopped to chat and pose for photos.

A spokesperson for UCLA told CBS Sports:

"A lot of our guys listen to his music, so it was a cool thing for them. We sometimes get celebrities on our campus, and you never know how they're going to be. But, honestly, Kanye was super-friendly with our guys. I was impressed."


While there's no doubt the guys were excited to meet the Life of Pablo artist, Kanye looked more excited than anyone. Just look at his great, big smile!!

Great now I have to deal with pops thinking he's way cooler than he really is 😐😑

It's not something his fans get to see very often, so people kind of freaked out.

@CoachDavidGrace @MELOD1P Look at Kanye, Bruh he's smiling

@CoachDavidGrace @MELOD1P It's photoshopped lmao. Kanye doesn't smile

@CoachDavidGrace Kris Wilkes put on that Kanye smile


...and who's clearly more excited than this guy...

@CoachDavidGrace @Orlegoo "Can I go now 🙄"

...and this guy.

@UCLAMBB @2chainz @KingJ_Hill I guess he wasn't a fan of 2 chainz album