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    People Are Sharing The Things Movies Always Get Wrong, And Every Director Needs To Pay Attention

    If my mom made an elaborate breakfast and I just refused to eat it, I'd be in big trouble.

    Earlier this week, a redditor asked people, "What is something that is always misrepresented in movies?" and the responses made me shout, "True!" Here are the best ones:

    1. "The ability to zoom, enlarge, and enhance a face in security footage that's being reflected off of a car's side mirror or some shit like that."

    2. "The effectiveness of armor (like a plate, chain mail, etc.). In movies, it is almost as effective as warm butter."


    3. "People barely eating off their plate."


    4. "Helmets! There are so many examples in movies where the enemies are wearing helmets. They get hit in the head by something, and it’s enough to incapacitate them. Last time I checked, the specific purpose of a helmet was to prevent that."


    5. "The amount of time it takes to hack something."

    6. "Basically any car chase."


    7. "The amount of ammunition that a gun can hold."


    8. "People generally agree on a time and place to meet for a date, rather than agreeing to just a time."


    9. "The weirdly elaborate breakfasts the parent character makes, only for inevitably no one to eat anything."

    10. "CPR, because people in the movies seem to only do a couple of compressions, then give up and start crying. Then the dying person magically comes back to life."


    11. "Women dragging all the bedding around the house to avoid walking naked to the bathroom or kitchen."


    12. "People actually finish their drink before leaving the bar/restaurant. They don't just talk for a couple minutes, pull out a wad of cash, throw down way too much, and then just walk out without having taken a single sip."


    13. "Going into labor/having a baby. It’s not BAM, water randomly broke! I had no idea! Rush me in! Baby is here ASAP!"

    14. "How long someone can hold their breath underwater while doing intense physical activity such as fighting, sometimes even fainting. Bro, how you gonna hold your breath while you're literally unconscious??"


    15. "Buying cigarettes. Character just goes up and asks for a pack of cigarettes, no brand or anything... Same thing with beer at the bars in movies."


    16. "Full-blown making out as soon as waking up. Does morning breath not exist in movies?"


    17. "The end of phone conversations. Who just hangs up without saying goodbye? Rude."

    What's something you've noticed always happens in movies, but never in real life? Tell me in the comments!