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Steve Harvey Can't Get Enough Of Amy Schumer's Hilarious Answers On "Family Feud"

It's as amazing as it sounds.

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Amy and her family are HUGE fans of the show and were pretty excited about the whole thing. Like, got-custom-jackets-made excited.

Instagram: @amyschumer

Amy was joined by her siblings, Kim and Jason, sister-in-law Cayce, and her best friend/producing partner, Kevin.

After a pretty badass entrance... was time for the game to begin.


After everyone caught their breath, Steve moved on to the next question: Name a reason your man looks better with clothes than without.


Look at Amy's face. I mean, you just know she's trying to come up with something devious.


With an additional winning round under their belt, the Schumers beat out the Clarksons and made it to the Fast Money round, which, singlehandedly, Amy annihilated.


Amy's sister, Kim, needed just 14 points to earn $25,000 for their chosen charity, Everytown for Gun Safety.