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    Netflix's "The Princess Switch" Is Getting A Sequel And Fans Can't Help But Make Jokes

    The Princess Switch: Tokyo Drift.

    ATTENTION HOLIDAY MOVIE FANS: Christmas has officially come early!

    The WB

    That's right, we are being blessed by the Netflix gods with another Princess Switch movie!!!


    The sequel — titled The Princess Switch: Switched Again (LOL) — will follow Duchess Margaret (Vanessa Hudgens), who unexpectedly inherits the throne to Montenaro and hits a rough patch with Kevin. It's up to her double, Stacy, to save the day before a new lookalike — party girl Fiona — foils their plan!


    To refresh your memory, the last film ended with Stacy (the VHud from New York) marrying Prince Edward, and Duchess Margaret (the VHud from Montenaro) hooks up with Kevin.

    Now, I've never been particularly good at math, but I do believe that that's not one, not two, but THREE Vanessa Hudgenses in ONE movie.


    Now that's what we like to call a triple threat... (Don't laugh at my bad jokes, I'm excited!)

    The film will be released sometime next year, but is starting production as soon as next month.


    Fans are OBVIOUSLY excited...

    oh my god they’re making a sequel to the princess switch and giving vanessa hudgens a third doppelgänger this is the best day of my life

    ...but that doesn't mean they're not making jokes. Most of them are about the title:

    The Princess Switch: STILL SWITCHIN

    The Princess Switch: Switched Again The Princess Switch 3: 3rd Switch’s A Charm The Princess Switch 4: Switching Four Good The Princess Switch 5: Merry Fifth-switch The Princess Switch 6: Pop SIX SWITCH uh uh Cicero lipSWITCH

    Not calling this "The Princess Switch: 2 Switched 2 Fabulous" was a mistake.

    While others are just about the sheer insanity of whatever this plot will be:

    Princess Switch Sequel is gonna have @VanessaHudgens like

    I’m going to need this series to continue until every single cast member of The Princess Switch is played by Vanessa Hudgens

    Either way, I am HERE. FOR. IT.


    Will you be watching? Tell us in the comments!

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