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Tom Holland's Dog Is So Fucking Cute, I'm Squealing


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So, I recently started stanning Tom Holland because, duh.

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Which means I feel like it's my personal duty to gush over all the incredible things about him — the most important being his dog.

World, meet Tessa.

She's an A 👏 DOR 👏 A 👏 BLE 👏 three-year-old blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Tom is obsessed with her (and now I am too, let's be real).

Tom has had her ever since she was just a sweet, little pupper and they love to do everything together.

Instagram: @tomholland2013

But because of Tom's crazy travel schedule, they often have to FaceTime just to see each other.

Instagram: @tomholland2013

Yet when they're finally reunited, Tom spends every second he can with her, even if it means bringing her to a red carpet event.

Instagram: @tomholland2013


tom holland talking about tessa makes my heart melt

Find someone who looks at you the way Tom and Tessa look at each other.

Instagram: @tomholland2013

And for crying out loud, can someone make this little nugget her own Instagram already?!

Instagram: @tomholland2013