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Posted on Oct 15, 2017

Internet Trolls Told Mandy Moore That She Was Too Skinny And She Shut Them The F Down

"...we don't need to be talking about people's bodies."

I think we can all agree that Mandy Moore is beautiful, talented, and incredibly sweet. I mean, she's a freaking Disney princess for crying out loud!

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

But none of that means anything to the haters that body-shamed her recently.

Earlier this week, Mandy shared some behind-the-scenes photos from her visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

People began to criticize her body, even accusing her of photoshopping the pictures.

mandymooremm / Via

Fans rushed to Mandy's defense, but she soon took matters into her own hands.

The This Is Us actor clapped back at haters, adding to her Instagram caption: "I am 5’10 and a size 6. I have NEVER photoshopped pictures. That’s not what I’m about. If you’re going to be rude about people’s bodies, go elsewhere."

mandymooremm / Via

Shut 👏 down. 👏

Mandy later opened up about the incident in an interview with Cosmopolitan, saying, "I guess I shouldn’t have said anything, but I didn’t Photoshop! I’m not some teeny tiny person and I don’t pride myself."

"I don’t know, I’ve never been accused of that before. I felt like I had to jump in and say something because we don’t need to be talking about people’s bodies. Not on my Instagram, at least."

Way to go, Mandy! Let's all just be kind to one another, shall we?


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